The VIOLANTA Company, the leading developer of electronic storage and access systems, introduces the latest automated online service for key storing and issuing KEY-SHARING.

KEY-SHARING solve your problems!

The technological novelty allows hoteliers, owners of hostels and rented apartments to solve problems they often face in their practice. For example, one of such problems is fraud of the personnel when they can let guests stay in free rooms without official payment. Absence of total control over the hotel administrators work can cause serious financial losses for the hotel owners. Such losses can a few times exceed the cost of the automated KEY-SHARING system.

Moreover, the advanced KEY-SHARING system provides total 24-hour control of keys storage and issue. A hotel or hostel owner at any time can get all the information on a particular key (who, where and when took or transferred the key). Using the innovative KEY-SHARING system you can control all checking into and return of a key to the key holder, due to instant notifications sent to the hotel or apartment owner. The system is reliably protected and allows no unauthorized use of keys.

Another important advantage of the KEY-SHARING system is the remote operation opportunity. With the help of the KEY-SHARING service you can give out the key remotely, for example, to clients of the booking or airbnb websites, as well as hotels, hostels, apartments, warehouses, car dealerships, etc.

How it works

The key can be transferred automatically due to the key issuing terminal and the server for the key access management. Each owner of the key/keys has his/her own private office where he/she leaves the key to be transferred remotely.

The system principle is based on a mechanism of blocking/unlocking the cells where key fobs are kept and firmly fixed in a special slot. To access the key, the user needs to pass his/her identification (to enter PIN code or to activate the card), then the terminal door will open, and the display will show the information on the key cell number. When the user returns key he/she need to scan the key RFID-tag, and the cell door will open. The KEY-SHARING online service supports the SMS and EMAIL notification systems.

KEY-SHARING system advantages

  • The system provides reliable storage of keys and allows to automatize the key issuance/reception;
  • Absence of the key program binding to a specific slot;
  • The system allows to understand quickly what keys are available for the user;
  • The user’s identification by card or PIN-code;
  • Complete online information on the key using and storing;
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface;
  • 24-hour operation;
  • Full automation of the key accepting and issuing;
  • In case of power cut, the key is fixed in its slot (cell);
  • The user access right can be configured by date, time. Important! Access rights can be changed quickly;
  • Possible unlocking an individual key without using the whole system;
  • Possibility to integrate all the KMS key holders, to manage them as a single system through a terminal or an external access control system.

Further capabilities of the KEY-SHARING system

The accounts allow you to keep logs of all events on the key return and issuance. In addition, the user has the opportunity (after an additional software has been purchased) to keep information and work with archives on the computer. Connecting additional modules to the system, you can increase the number of keys kept in the system. The system puts things right by using the RFID tag system built into the key fobs.

The system can be used around the clock, including in conditions of poor visibility, since the terminal slots are equipped with LED indication. Power cut causes no violation of the security system, all key fobs with keys retain their fixed positions in the terminal slots.

Moreover, the key issuing terminal has various mounting options: wall, floor or vertical support.