Due to the automated system (e-key holder) it is possible to organize a reliable key storage system, and most importantly to computerize their transfer.

The operating principle is based on use of a cell block-wakeup mechanism. Cells (together with keys) are fastened reliably in a special slot.

After the user gets identified, the system door opens and the display shows the number of the key cell.

The user identifies himself when entering SMS code on the touchscreen. When the user returns the key, he just scans the key RFID mark, and the door opens.

Due to the KMS, it is possible to achieve automated operation of the storage system. Moreover, the KMS provides the terminal basic functions (database of keys, users, possible codes, etc.).

The automated system of access and storage of personal keys has many advantages. One of them is setup of accounts which means that all key operations are kept in the log memory. In such a way, it is easy to restore any event related to the key taking and return.

Besides, with the automat e-key holder the user can (after additional software purchase) enter appropriate data into computer and get an opportunity to use archives.

If you connect extra modules to the system, you can increase number of keys in storage. The system uses the RFID marking integrated in the key fob and puts things right.

The e-key holder operates around-the-clock, in poor visibility conditions, due to the slots equipped with a LED system. Absence of power source is no issue for concern about the system reliability – the key fobs stay fixed in the slots.

The system can be mounted on the vertical wall or installed on the floor on the vertical support.