One of the principles of the KEY-SHARING system is the user privacy policy. However, for the system effective operation we request certain user`s data:

  • Mostly, it is only the form of activity;
  • In some cases, it is the account address, the password and code, and also the name, the phone number and the credit card number – all these data are necessary for the account creation.
  • Personal information. The user places it on the voluntarily basis, it is available only to those users who you share the key access with. Such information is hidden for all other users, however, you can always give an extra permit and provide other users with your certain personal data.
  • The main goal of personal information collecting is improvement of the system operation for each specific user. We use the provided information for optimization of the operation processes, maintenance, functional services and also to accelerate answers to the user’s questions about the system failures, and other requests.
  • Of course, the user information shall be provided in anonymous form, however, it doesn’t promote high service and complicates the system use;
  • The credit card information is necessary for invoicing and collecting payments for the system use. This knowledge allows to create favorable offers for each user;
  • The phone number and e-mail address are used for noncommercial messages connected with the user`s account, the system operative changes, new key locations, etc. No e-mailing marketing messages without your consent;
  • For the best optimization and improvement of the system operation we can attract the third authorized persons. The user`s personal information can be transferred to them only in the volume necessary for achievement of the abovementioned purposes.

The user shall know that:

  • Information on the KEY-SHARING active account can be available to other users who know the address of your e-mail;
  • If desired, the user can expand his/her personal information, add his/her photo, sex, the key description, etc. These data are also available to other users;
  • Depending on own requirements, at any time you can change your personal information in your account profile when visiting the special settings page;
  • If desired, the user can refuse to provide some data. However, in this case some system options will get inaccessible;
  • At last, when placing the information given to our service at other public forums and platforms, you shall remember that it can be taken by any persons and used on their discretion.

What we do to increase the user security level

  • In case of violation of the provided data safety, confidentiality, and unauthorized use of personal information, we shall take the measures stipulated by the legislation for the client security maintenance;
  • To protect the information we apply enciphering systems, firewalls and special technologies. However, no one of them can protect personal information for 100%. In this connection we bear no responsibility for our protection system bypass by third parties. Please, estimate the risk and fill in the account fields;
  • For easy identification you can use third-party widgets (for example, social networks). However, you shall remember that it can reduce the level of your account safety in our system;
  • KEY-SHARING reserves the right to transfer, divide and sell its assets including user personal information in case of reorganization, merge or bankruptcy of the company.