Using the system (account creating, use of the system capabilities) you agree with the following rules of the system service. We, in return, guarantee that the stated requirements don’t contradict the current legislation and are developed to provide the user security.

Using the system (account creating, use of the system capabilities) you agree with the following rules of the system service. We, in return, guarantee that the stated requirements don’t contradict the current legislation and are developed to provide the user security.

  1. When choosing the subscription plan or otherwise using the equipment, you agree and accept the KEY-SHARING Conditions;
    • If you accept the Conditions on behalf of a company or a legal person, you have to document that you have the authorization for these actions. After the Conditions have been accepted, they get compulsory for the organization represented by you;
    • Accepting these Conditions you guarantee that you are over 18 or you have the notarized consent of your parents or trustees to use the system services.

The system isn’t intended for persons under 13 years old. The Agreement and the accepted Conditions guarantee that your age is over 13 years old. In this case, to use the system you also need the permit of your parents (trustees).

  • KEY-SHARING reserve the right to change unilaterally the Conditions of the system use what is reported on the website about. At the discretion of the company, the user may get direct notification about the last or scheduled changes. The user, in turn, guarantees his readiness to use the services after such changes;
  • The KEY-SHARING service is the Internet exchange to control the key availability and sharing, as well as a possibility of users communication, use of the equipment for the key storage.

1.5. The user should provide his/her personal information including his/her name, phone number, credit card details, etc. to create his/her account in the system. Failure to provide personal data causes the system access denial or its functional restriction.

1.6. KEY-SHARING do not bear responsibility for use of personal information by the third parties if it is received bypassing the KEY-SHARING encryption systems, is told personally by the user to the third parties or provided on the third-party websites.

  1. The client rights:

3.1. When agrees with these rules, after his/her account has been created, the client acquires the following rights:

  • To watch online, to download and print out any KEY-SHARING information freely available;
  • To watch online available information on other clients for the purposes allowed by the company;
  • To use the system to share the key with other users.

3.2. Restriction of the user rights

Without prior written consent of KEY-SHARING it is forbidden to download, copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, etc. the system or its components. KEY-SHARING reserve the right to terminate service unilaterally at any time.

4.1. Key fob use

KEY-SHARING provides the equipment, including key fobs, necessary for the system operation. The key fobs used by clients contain a tracking device which can trace the client at the moment of integration with the system. At the same time, KEY-SHARING cannot trace key fobs on the basis of the system entered data.

The client shall be responsible for condition of the key and access point. Attention! Unless the client opens the access point or identifies the key fob, KEY-SHARING cannot open the lock. In case of the key fob damage, KEY-SHARING can only replace it with a new one.

4.2. Use of other equipment

For the system operation the special equipment is used: additional key fobs, lockers for keys, key exchange consoles and the point for automated key exchange. According to KEY-SHARING, the equipment is considered reliable and faultless, and in case of troubles you should contact the KEY-SHARING customer service.

KEY-SHARING does not control use of the system in any geolocation, does not bear responsibility for hardware failure and does not compensate the expenses in connection with the equipment damage. In case of the damage, KEY-SHARING can repair or replace the equipment for its own expenses.

4.3. Key access rights

For the clients safety, KEY-SHARING provide the key access only for its owner and the authorized end user. Users shall understand that KEY-SHARING do not guarantee continuous physical key access due to time limits and the storage system operation conditions in each point. Users shall not try any methods to get access to the KEY-SHARING systems and equipment except as provided by the protocol. In turn, KEY-SHARING find it possible to allow or forbid the key access and the key relocation if it is expedient for the equipment functioning.

4.5. If the key has been lost or theft from the equipment, KEY-SHARING may compensate to the user up to $100,00 if the third party submits the invoice confirming the key loss expenses, and also expenses for the door unblocking. Instead of cash KEY-SHARING may offer the user its own services.

If the user loses or damages the key, the KEY-SHARING responsibility is limited to the key replacement.

4.6. Location сlosing

When closing the key storage Location, KEY-SHARING shall transfer the key to the nearest Location and notify the user as soon as possible. Such foresight allows the user to take the key before the Location gets closed. If the Location stops functioning within service, KEY-SHARING shall notify the user about it and transfer the key to the nearest operating location.

4.7. Operating obligations

The user shall take care of the equipment and use it only for intended purpose. KEY-SHARING consider the equipment reliable, and the need of repair minimum. In case of similar need the user shall contact the KEY-SHARING hotline, inform about troubles and act according to the recommendations given. On the first request of KEY-SHARING the user shall return the provided equipment in its original appearance taking into account its normal wear.

4.8. Service

KEY-SHARING control is carried out automatically due to the special software which allows keys integration, users authentication and some other actions provided by the system. In case of corporate equipment installation its users shall have no obligations to pay extra dues and fees for the system maintenance unless required under a written agreement between the user and KEY-SHARING.

4.9. Permitted use

The user shall use the equipment only for legal purposes stipulated by the KEY-SHARING policy. If, according to KEY-SHARING, actions do not meet the policy, the system reserves the right to take measures against the defaulting client. Such measures can include restrictions of the client opportunities in the system, lock the breaking device, etc.

4.10. The user shall not use the system and the equipment to transfer and to store illegal substances and information, to get illegal access for assistance to crime or fraudulent activities. To use the system with the purpose to violate the rights of the third party (the right of confidence, the right for intellectual property or other rights), to slander or offend the third party. The user shall not collect information about the service or use its means of communication for mercenary or illegal purposes, use the information about the system work for the purpose of a similar product development. The user shall not try to correct the system work by means of bots, viruses and other equipment. The user shall not redesign or change the equipment. In case of such actions, KEY-SHARING terminate the agreement in force and closes the system access for the violator.

4.11. Limited use

For the purpose of new users attraction KEY-SHARING reserve the right to carry out periodical advertising campaigns which essence is temporary use of the system free of charge. If the user’s key within the action remains in the system for over 30 days, KEY-SHARING suggest to pay the system use. If after this notice the user doesn’t take any actions, KEY-SHARING can get rid of the key or act in its discretion without responsibility to the user.

4.12.  Inevitable restrictions

The system operation can be limited according to capabilities of the Internet (restrictions, failures), electronic communications, modernizations, service. KEY-SHARING shall bear no responsibility for similar inevitable restrictions of the system work and the expenses caused.

  1. Account creation

To get the user status in the system you have to create your account and provide information requested by the system (e-mail address, password). When changing his/her provided data, the user has to inform KEY-SHARING.

5.1. User`s account responsibility

The user shall be responsible for the user`s account condition and keep PIN code and other information in safety. The user shall inform KEY-SHARING about any violation or attempt of unauthorized use of the account by the third parties. KEY-SHARING shall bear no responsibility for damages caused with unauthorized use of the user`s account. The user shall be responsible for KEY-SHARING losses for any unauthorized use of the account capabilities. If the user gives to the third parties his/her PIN code, phone number or other accounts for the system access, he/she agrees that his/her account and the KEY-SHARING system may be exposed to danger.

5.2. Tariffs

KEY-SHARING collect all service payment from the client in full and on a once-only basis. In case of termination of your account (no matter whose initiative may be), the made payments are nonrefundable. The price information is published on the website and may be changed at the request of KEY-SHARING. The user shall understand that if he/she continues using the service after the price has been changed, he/she agrees with the service new price. KEY-SHARING reserve the right to show loyalty to certain users and offer them, on its own discretion, more favorable conditions of the service use.

5.3. Payment procedure

The user allows KEY-SHARING to take payments under the agreement from his/her credit, debit or another card during the subscription period. The user confirms that the card belongs to him/her, and the provided account information is full and reliable. KEY-SHARING confirm use of third-party payment systems and guarantee that the obtained account information is used only for rendering the client services stipulated by the agreement.

5.4. Invoice

The invoice is issued on the client`s account. Attention! The invoice cannot be sent by e-mail or otherwise. All expenses are considered as valid if the client does not contest them in writing within 30 days from the invoice reception date. When the time expires, the client`s claims with respect to the invoice cannot be considered.

5.5. Notifications

Information about the account activity and some other data required for the client service and safety are transferred by text messages, letters to e-mail. The notification delivery period doesn’t depend on KEY-SHARING.

5.6. Validity period and the account closing

The account validity period is defined by subscription. When the time expires the user can ask KEY-SHARING to remove his/her account from the system.

KEY-SHARING reserves the right at any time and for any reason to suspend or to stop the user service. If at this moment the client`s key is in the system, KEY-SHARING shall, within 5 days from the moment of receiving the user`s mail address, send him/her the key. If the mail address isn’t provided in over 30 days from the agreement termination, KEY-SHARING reserve the right to get rid of the key on its own discretion and shall bear no responsibility to the client any more.

  1. Confidentiality

Any information obtained in the course of use or business negotiations with KEY-SHARING is considered confidential. It can include technical data, trade secrets, software, technical characteristics, design, drawings, plans; intellectual development, marketing researches, business plans, strategy, etc. but not limited to. The user shall not disclose the confidential information of KEY-SHARING. The user shall use such information only for execution of his/her obligations to the system.

  1. Ownership right and licenses

7.1. KEY-SHARING is the holder of all rights concerning the system, including the right to intellectual property, copyright of the service marks and trademarks, the ownership right. Use of the KEY-SHARING trademarks is forbidden.

  1. Warranty liabilities

8.1. Service and the equipment is provided under the ‘as supplied’ principle. KEY-SHARING indicate what is suitable to be used for specific purposes. KEY-SHARING bear no responsibility for failures in the system operation caused by other users or third parties. KEY-SHARING provide no telecommunication and Internet services, as well as software. KEY-SHARING bear no responsibility for their quality and the user`s losses connected to a failure of the listed systems.

8.2. When transferring the key to another user, you should understand that it can cause its loss or theft, or use of your personal data by third parties in the mercenary purposes. You should understand that you bear responsibility for safety of your personal data, financial account, PIN code.

  1. KEY-SHARING limited liability:

9.1. When transferring the key to the end user, you agree that you transfer the key ownership to this person and you understand that you bear responsibility for the key and the equipment. KEY-SHARING cannot control the key location and protect it against loss, theft and damage. The system bears no responsibility if your personal data is used by the end user or third parties for their personal purpose.

9.2. When transferring the key at any moment of the system use to the end user, you refuse any claims to KEY-SHARING connected with the service and equipment, and also losses caused by illegal actions of other users of the system.

9.3. You assume that the system, including your personal data, can be hacked into, and the information obtained can be used by third parties in mercenary. You agree that you independently bear responsibility for safety of your account, personal data, PIN code.

9.4. You agree that under no circumstances the KEY-SHARING system, and also the company`s officials and staff, bear no guilt (direct or indirect) for losses caused by use of the system or equipment. KEY-SHARING bear no liability for damages caused with the system and equipment misuse; injuries and other damages as result of interaction with other users of the system; caused with unauthorized access to the KEY-SHARING base by third parties; the system virus “infection” (trojans, etc.).

  1. Dispute settlement

All disputes which may arise between the user and KEY-SHARING shall be settled by transfer of the case to the Arbitration Court for consideration.

  1. Translation.

KEY-SHARING can publish on its website these Conditions translated into other languages used by the clients. Any such translation is provided only for your convenience. You and KEY-SHARING agree that only the Conditions in Russian regulates your consent with KEY-SHARING. Any translation of these terms into a language except Russian has no validity and shouldn’t be considered in case of disputes between the parties.